Health & Fitness Classes

Wei Qi Self-Defense
Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm
Class begins May 7

Developed by a 30 year martial arts master and flexibility trainer, this class integrates the practical techniques of Taekwon Do and Boxing with Neuromuscular Flexibility Training. Considered a holistic approach to martial arts, this class draws from all aspects of the student's well being to manifest and strengthen the 'Wei Qi' or 'protective energy' of the body. Students will increase their power, endurance, flexibility and confidence while learning practical self-defense. The class is 90 minutes long and open to all levels. $10/class

Chi Kung
Fridays, 6-7pm

Chi Kung is the art and science of controlling the breath and life force energy. This class will focus on medical chi kung, to open up the meridians and organs and facilitate healing of self and others, as well as meditative and spiritual chi kung to enhance concentration, peace of mind, and internal energy. The class is one hour long and is open to all levels. $10/class

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